5 Reasons Why Men Should Take Up Yoga

5 Reasons Why Men Should Take Up Yoga

Why Men Should Take Up Yoga

According to Laird Hamilton – one of the greatest big wave surfer to have lived – All flexible people should go “bang” some iron and all big weightlifters should at least do some yoga.

The issue with most men whether a weightlifter or an office dude is that they don’t really understand what yoga entails, but the few that get to know would probably sign up for this.

Yoga is a cocktail of physical, mental and spiritual practices that involve routine stretching and breathing to enhance your life.

5 Reasons Why Men Should Take Up Yoga

Here are 5 reasons why men should take up yoga:

Stress Reliever

Instead of relying on amped-up gyms and punching bags which can make you more aggressive, yoga is one of the greatest stress relievers.

There are a number of relaxation techniques involved that have the power to calm even the toughest of nerves.

It is not only the body to benefit but also the mind, and who can avoid taking 60 – 90 minutes of his time just to enjoy a peaceful day.

Work the entire body

Yoga’s series of poses will help you gain the much-needed power and heat which is key to working out the entire body.

Poses such as arm balancing, inversions including other mind and body twisting postures will help you find balance and proper coordination.

Your muscles will begin to take shape and your breathing better than before once you experience the long extended squats, push-ups, and leg lifts.

Avoid workout injuries

Experts recommend that all yoga practices begin first by honoring your body’s needs and limits.

This is the ideal way to learn and assess your body to know the pressure points and also get to know if there is any issue with the muscles when you take a pose.

You will also note that stretched muscles tend to heal faster in case of any pain or strain.

Improve your Flex

Yoga is one of the most effective and efficient ways to improve flexibility. Apart from combining static and dynamic stretching.

The practice is preferred to traditional stretching since you can hit a single group of muscle from different angles.


Just by having at least 3 short yoga sessions a week, you stand to gain:

  • Greater movement efficiency
  • Faster recovery after training
  • Flexible joints
  • Better range of motion

Sexual Endurance – Up your game

A recent study on yoga and sex has proven that one way to better your performance in the bedroom is yoga.

The incorporation of the relaxation and breathing techniques from the classes are the best ingredients into better, and best of all, longer sexual experience.

Strengthened concentration plus flexibility will make it easier to focus the mind then channel this energy to your entire body to prevent premature ejaculation.

Although men are not very good when it comes to relaxing, yoga is good practice since it provides you with a constant challenge to better your life.

Nobody would believe that “uncomfortable” positions on a mat would have the capacity to improve your personal life as well as relationship. It is the perfect complement to an active lifestyle.