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We welcome you to join us at our Autumn Dance, which will be held at the Mitcham Cultural Village Institute on 11 April. FFSA thanks our Dance Coordinators, Ron Sweeney and Tricia Nelson, who have put this program together.

Dancing starts at 8:00 pm. Adults $12; members of the ATBDS $10.
Beginners are welcome; all dances are called. Please wear appropriate footwear. (No stiletto heeled shoes, please!)

Wear your comfy shoes, swirly skirt (or smart pants) and come along to an Aussie Bush Dance!

You don’t need to know how to groove cos someone there will call out the moves!

If you find you’ve got two left feet; big deal, who cares, it’s the company we seek!

Come 7.30, dance from 8, don’t worry if you don’t have a date.